Why didn’t we do what we could when we could?

“In August 2001, mere weeks before the greatest mass murder of civilians in U.S. history, the Justice Department squelched two prescient efforts to avert the attacks. In Minneapolis, FBI agents frantically sought permission to search the possessions of one Zacarias Moussaoui, a bumbling, suspicious flight student and a colleague of Islamic fundamentalists. In New York, another FBI agent no less frantically sought clearance to throw his squad into an 11th-hour search for Khalid Almihdar, an al-Qaida operative at large in the country.

Justice Department bureaucrats refused both requests on absurd grounds. In the case of the New York agent, for example, they argued that because he was a criminal investigator, not an intelligence investigator, his participation in the manhunt for Almihdar could violate Almihdar’s rights: the al-Qaida agent was wanted not as an ordinary felon but as a terrorist.

The refusals may have had enormous consequences. Had the Minneapolis agents searched Moussaoui’s effects, they would have found leads to two of the 9/11 terrorists and to the Hamburg al-Qaida cell that planned the attack. Had the FBI been able to find Almihdar, it would have apprehended the pilot who crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. Instead, the plot hurtled on undisturbed to its gruesome climax.”

Why the FBI Didn’t Stop 9/11


Time and time again, the Democratic Party, through its cadre of media outlets, gets away with gross hypocrisies.

They claim they won’t tolerate hate, as they hate those they believe aren’t tolerant.

They claim they don’t like racism, as they act racially prejudicial to those who they say are racist, all while taking up policies that are harmful to the very groups they claim to protect.

They claim to represent the little guy, yet are supported by the rich and powerful more than any other political party.

They claim they want to protect Americans, yet routinely side with groups who would do law abiding citizens harm, and then say looking into those groups who want to do Americans harm is all racially motivated.

Punch Back

Sanders is Deluded

.@SenSanders tells @chucktodd that widespread Democratic loses are a sign that voters are pessimistic about both parties.#MTP pic.twitter.com/VdmVAJVUVJ — Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) June 25, 2017