About Us

We at Glovesoff.World strive to do one thing: give the reader the underreported stories the left wing media ignores. As such our news stories point to news the left wing considers legitimate such as the BBC. If not that, it’s a source whose critics are purely political, such as The Federalist.

When we give our opinions, we’re brash and bombastic, just as our president. We’re not going to pull punches, and no one expects you to do so in the comments either. We’ll never make threats against a person and their property, and we expect no less from commenters. We’ll block you at the server level if we wish.

If you don’t like our political point of view, or the articles and news sources we provide, you can go fuck yourself. We know we’re nothing special, but neither are you, so don’t act special and we won’t care about your feelings. If you don’t like it, we can block you if we wish it, so either accept we post what we post, or you can STFU and GTFO.

Do ya still wanna bitch and complain? Well, ok....