Luke Cage, Black Conservative?

Watch as a condescending jackass of a democrat, Justin Charity at The Ringer, tries to claim the brooding, understated, fed-up-with-everyones-hypocritical-shit, superhero, Luke Cage, is really just Mr. Black Conservative.

Luke Cage doesn’t say much. As played by Mike Colter in the new Marvel series for Netflix, Luke is the strong, silent type. He’ll smile a bit if you play Method Man’s “P.L.O. Style” or ask him about Kobe Bryant — hip-hop and basketball are points of frequent, overeager fan service in Luke Cage — but otherwise he carries himself with the cold, bland demeanor of an on-duty bodyguard.

At his most talkative and forthright, Cage will disarm a young, gunshy hoodlum with an angry lecture about the patriotism of Crispus Attucks and the catastrophic legacy of Robert Moses. He will insist that Harlem, despite being under the thumb of international arms dealers and a deeply corrupt police force, is actually rotting from within. Cage’s biggest pet peeve, underscored in every other episode of the series, is hearing people say “nigga,” especially if the term is specifically addressed to him. (More on this later.) For a character that series creator Cheo Coker has explicitly linked to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Cage spouts some surprisingly conservative undertones and mantras.

Source: The Ringer

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