Israel National News: Far-right making gains in European Parliament

It’s just not the United States, and I can assure it’s not “far-right”

The European far right and the pro-environment Greens are projected to gain ground in the elections for the European Parliament at the expense of the continent’s longtime political center, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

Turnout was estimated at a two-decade high over the four days of balloting across the 28 European Union countries.

Source: Far-right making gains in European Parliament – Israel National News

Quillette: At Australian Ballot Boxes, the Left’s Empathy Deficit Came Home to Roost

Long story short: Trump isn’t just an American phenomena. At the Australian ballot, and all throughout the Anglosphere and Western Society in general, there’s a revolt against policies pushed by the left wing.

The Australian Trump? Not likely, but someone friendlier to the United States.

The result of Saturday’s federal election in Australia is being treated as the most staggering political shocker in my country since World War II. Scott Morrison, leading the Liberal Party, looks to have won a majority government—a result that defies three years of opinion polling, bookie’s odds and media commentary.

In the aftermath, analysts on both sides are trying to explain what went wrong for the centre-left Australian Labor Party, and what went right for the centre-right Liberals. Some attribute the result to Morrison’s personal likeability, and his successful targeting of the “quiet Australian” demographic—the silent majority whose members feel they rarely have a voice, except at the ballot box. Others cast the result as Australia’s Hilary-Clinton moment: Bill Shorten, who resigned following Saturday’s loss, was, like Clinton, an unpopular political insider who generated little enthusiasm among his party’s traditional constituencies. In 2010 and again in 2013, he roiled the Labor Party by supporting two separate internal coups, machinations that cast him as a self-promoter instead of a team player.

Source: At Australian Ballot Boxes, the Left’s Empathy Deficit Came Home to Roost – Quillette