The Epoch Times: Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Changes Story on When She Knew About Emails

Heather Samuelson, Hillary Clinton’s personal attorney, gave the FBI and Judicial Watch conflicting explanations of when she learned that the former secretary of state used a private email system to conduct official U.S. diplomatic business.

“I believe I first became aware when either she e-mailed me on personal matters, such as wishing me happy birthday, or when I infrequently would receive e-mails forwarded to me from others at the department that had that e-mail address listed elsewhere in the document,” Samuelson told Judicial Watch lawyers during a June 13, 2019, deposition.

Samuelson worked in the Department of State’s liaison office to President Barack Obama’s White House at the time, according to Judicial Watch.

Samuelson told the FBI in 2016 that she didn’t learn of the Clinton email system until becoming Clinton’s personal attorney in 2014, after serving for a year in the White House counsel’s office.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Changes Story on When She Knew About Emails

Video: The Hezbollah Cover-Up, and Bruce Ohr Connection

Terrorists linked to Iranian-backed Hezbollah were stockpiling bomb-making ingredients, including three tons of ammonium nitrate, in London in 2015 in what was described as a “secret British bomb factory,” the Daily Telegraph reported this week. The 2015 case was kept “hidden from the public” until now.

The Nation: How Did Russiagate Begin?

A thought provoking piece at The Nation about how the Russiagate probes began.

It cannot be emphasized too often: Russiagate—allegations that the American president has been compromised by the Kremlin, which may even have helped to put him in the White House—is the worst and (considering the lack of actual evidence) most fraudulent political scandal in American history. We have yet to calculate the damage Russiagate has inflicted on America’s democratic institutions, including the presidency and the electoral process, and on domestic and foreign perceptions of American democracy, or on US-Russian relations at a critical moment when both sides, having “modernized” their nuclear weapons, are embarking on a new, more dangerous, and largely unreported arms race.

Rational (if politically innocent) observers may have thought that when the Mueller report found no “collusion” or other conspiracy between Trump and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, only possible “obstruction” by Trump—nothing Mueller said in his May 29 press statement altered that conclusion—Russiagate would fade away. If so, they were badly mistaken. Evidently infuriated that Mueller did not liberate the White House from Trump, Russiagate promoters—liberal Democrats and progressives foremost among them—have only redoubled their unverified collusion allegations, even in once-respectable media outlets. Whether out of political ambition or impassioned faith, the damage wrought by these Russiagaters continues to mount, with no end in sight.

Source: How Did Russiagate Begin? | The Nation

PJ Media: Remember the Judge Who Wouldn’t Block House Subpoena for Trump’s Financial Records? Guess Who He’s Donated To

What we have here are democrats acting blatantly in an obstructive manner. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to get overturned on appeal. They just want to slow Trump down, so he doesn’t have as many wins by election season.

President Trump

On Wednesday, Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos ruled that Deutsche Bank and Capital One, which did business with Donald Trump, must comply with congressional subpoenas from the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees, as part of their investigation into possible “foreign influence in the U.S. political process” that the Mueller report concluded did not happen.

Ramos is the second Obama-appointed judge to rule against Trump in cases involving congressional subpoenas this week, but new information reported today suggests that Judge Ramos had a conflict of interest, and should not have presided over this case.

Source: Remember the Judge Who Wouldn’t Block House Subpoena for Trump’s Financial Records? Guess Who He’s Donated To | Trending