UPI: Physics shows criminals more likely to find accomplices in big cities

Why do big cities generate disproportionately large amounts of crime? A new mathematical model helped scientists show that it is easier for criminals to partner-up in major metropolitan areas.

Big cities not only house larger concentrations of potential victims, they also breed larger numbers of criminals. That means would-be perpetrators have an easier time finding accomplices.

Source: Physics shows criminals more likely to find accomplices in big cities – UPI.com

BOLO Luke Kuhn In The George Washington University Area

Luke Kuhn was seen at the scene of an assault of Rebel Media reporter Jack Posobiec. Mr. Posobiec was able to video tape the assault.

After the assault occurred, Luke Kuhn, is seen in the video. Mr. Kuhn is on probation for his role in the Inauguration Day protests that occurred in Washington, DC.

His probation officer is looking for him.

The DNC is The Evil Party

Yes, it has to be said: the DNC is The Evil Party.

Way too many Democrats are ready to burn it all down and literally have a white hot HATE for their fellow Americans, because Hillary didn’t get win in 2016.

Republicans were still proud to be Americans after Obama was elected. This fact is made abundantly clear by Gallup, so choke back the, “but, but republicans,” whine we aIl know is bubbling up in you sore losers. In fact, the election of Obama made republicans prouder to be Americans.

Yes, that’s right. Way too many of you Democrats are sore losers, and I’m not excusing the party anymore as I’ve done for decades, because it’s clear which political party was the most extreme and committed to creating the most electoral violence in 2016.

The gloves are off now, we’re ready to call a spade a spade: a political party that uses mass media propaganda, and fosters this kind of hate is THE EVIL PARTY.

And don’t get me wrong. Republicans aren’t that much better. When they’re not secretly engaged in affairs and committing crimes, they’re doing and saying things so idiotic it makes you wonder how they figured out how to tie their own shoes.

Fake Hate, Part II

The fake hate just keeps flowing…

An 19-year-old dual US-Israeli citizen from Ashkelon has been arrested on suspicion of standing behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities ranging from the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand over the past six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

As of Thursday, with a gag order on the probe lifted by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court, which extended his detention, sources indicate that most of the cases of threats against Jewish communities and organizations, though not all, led investigators back to Israel.

Source: ‘Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls’ – Israel News – Jerusalem Post