National Review: Sixth-Grade Girl’s Hair & Racism — Girl Who Claimed Hair was Cut In Racist Attack Admits She Made It Up

If it weren’t for fake hate, the left wouldn’t have anything.

A sixth-grade girl who claimed her hair was cut by three fellow students in a racist attack on her school playground has admitted to making the story up, according to a statement from the Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Va. provided to the Washington Post.

The girl’s family also issued a statement apologizing to the three boys she accused, who have not been publicly identified as of this time.

“We understand there will be consequences and we’re prepared to take responsibility for them,” the statement read. “We know that it will take time to heal, and we hope and pray that the boys, their families, the school and the broader community will be able to forgive us in time.”

Source: Sixth-Grade Girl’s Hair & Racism — Girl Who Claimed Hair was Cut In Racist Attack Admits She Made It Up | National Review

Toledo Blade: Jury hits Oberlin College with a total $44.2 million in damages

Play stupid games… win stupid prizes… or lose a lot of money.

The family at the center of a defamation lawsuit against Oberlin College hugged in celebration on Thursday when a jury granted them $33 million in punitive damages on top of the $11 million compensatory award they’re already owed by the liberal arts school.

The newly decided punitive damages — money awarded to plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit to punish defendants and deter future bad conduct — were broken down by the jury into $17.5 million for David Gibson, $8.75 million for family patriarch Allyn Gibson, and $6.97 million for their company, Gibson Bros, Inc.

Source: Jury hits Oberlin College with a total $44.2 million in damages | Toledo Blade

Fake Hate In Brown County Church Arson

We have another case of fake hate crime made to look like a Trump supporter, but really it’s a despicable left wing piece of shit who is responsible…

A Brown County church vandalized with Donald Trump graffiti shortly after the 2016 election wasn’t targeted by pro-Trump political activists, but a member of their own congregation, according to police.

People suspected the KKK or some other hate group was responsible for the graffiti. The arrest of the church organist, was a surprise – and a relief.

The Brown County prosecuting attorney’s office issued a statement Wednesday saying they had charged 26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang of Bloomington with institutional criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. Stang was the man who originally claimed to have found the graffiti, and works as the organist at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom.

Karma needs to pay a visit to George Nathaniel Stang and fuck him sideways.

Source: Police: Brown County church organist admitted to November vandalism | 13 WTHR Indianapolis

FAKE HATE: Muslim Professor at ISU Arrested

Here we have another fake hate crime. This time from a very unexpected sources, academia!

Azhar Hussain, an assistant professor at ISU has been arrested on charges alleging he made false reports of anti-Islamic threats against him and even reported an attack authorities say did not happen.Hussain, 56, faces a felony charge of obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge of harassment. He was booked into Vigo County Jail at 4:51 p.m. today and is scheduled for a Monday appearance in Vigo County Superior Court 6. Bond has been set at $10,000 cash.

Source: ISU professor arrested, accused of making up threats and attack | News |

Texas Teen Faked Rape By 3 Black Men

An 18-year-old Texas woman who burst into a church bloodied and half-dressed claiming she had been kidnapped and raped by three black men has admitted to making up the story, police said Wednesday.

Breana Harmon Talbott confessed to the hoax Tuesday and was arrested the next day on a charge of making a false report to a peace officer, a Class B misdemeanor, Denison Police Chief Jay Burch said.

Source: Breana Talbott, white Texas teen who claimed she was gang raped by black men, admits to hoax: Police – Washington Times

Fake Hate, Part II

The fake hate just keeps flowing…

An 19-year-old dual US-Israeli citizen from Ashkelon has been arrested on suspicion of standing behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities ranging from the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand over the past six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

As of Thursday, with a gag order on the probe lifted by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court, which extended his detention, sources indicate that most of the cases of threats against Jewish communities and organizations, though not all, led investigators back to Israel.

Source: ‘Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls’ – Israel News – Jerusalem Post