More Democrats Say They Aren’t Proud Americans

Just a reminder, democrats, at best, aren’t proud Americans. At worst, they downright hate America…

Fewer Democrats than in 2016 say they are “extremely” or “very” proud to be Americans, leading to a new low in such patriotic feelings among all U.S. adults.

Source: Sharply Fewer Democrats Say They Are Proud to Be Americans | Gallup

The DNC is The Evil Party

Yes, it has to be said: the DNC is The Evil Party.

Way too many Democrats are ready to burn it all down and literally have a white hot HATE for their fellow Americans, because Hillary didn’t get win in 2016.

Republicans were still proud to be Americans after Obama was elected. This fact is made abundantly clear by Gallup, so choke back the, “but, but republicans,” whine we aIl know is bubbling up in you sore losers. In fact, the election of Obama made republicans prouder to be Americans.

Yes, that’s right. Way too many of you Democrats are sore losers, and I’m not excusing the party anymore as I’ve done for decades, because it’s clear which political party was the most extreme and committed to creating the most electoral violence in 2016.

The gloves are off now, we’re ready to call a spade a spade: a political party that uses mass media propaganda, and fosters this kind of hate is THE EVIL PARTY.

And don’t get me wrong. Republicans aren’t that much better. When they’re not secretly engaged in affairs and committing crimes, they’re doing and saying things so idiotic it makes you wonder how they figured out how to tie their own shoes.