Video: Prof. Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. & Stephanie Robinson: When Harvard stumbles…

This statement by Prof. Ronald Sullivan and Stephanie Robinson is in response to Harvard College’s decision not to renew their deanship of Winthrop House. In response to a loud minority’s objection to Prof. Sullivan’s representation of Harvey Weinstein, Harvard College capitulated to demands from a small group of students. In a troubling display of viewpoint governance, Harvard College betrayed it’s founding ideals and its commitment to academic freedom.

Glovesoff.World Receives 30 Day Suspension from Facebook

In a debate over Harvard’s firing of Ronald Sullivan, it looks like Facebook has to run interference for their crybullies who can’t support their own arguments…. Well, off to,, and Dissenter.

If there’s anything I would have added my comment to these crybullies, it is this: You’re acting irrational to believe your health and safety is under threat, just because your faculty dean took on the criminal defense of Harvey Weinstein. To believe your health and safety are in jeopardy suggests you’re in need of mental healthcare.

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