Roger L. Simon: No, Nancy. It’s the Dems Who Are Engaged in a ‘Cover-Up’

What a loon


The Democrats are like a beehive that has lost their queen — only, in this case, the queen is not Nancy Pelosi, but Barack Obama. He alone was able to hold this fractious cuckoo’s nest together. And one wonders if he could do it now.

Nevertheless, Pelosi, anxious to do her part and stave off impeachment charges she knows are electoral poison for her party, did her best to damp things down by accusing Trump of a “cover-up” when she emerged from the Democratic caucus Wednesday morning.

Talk about projection!

Source: No, Nancy. It’s the Dems Who Are Engaged in a ‘Cover-Up’ | Roger L. Simon

When Are Democrats NOT Seething? Don’t Blame Loss On Ossoff.

In a pathetically written piece of drivel about the Ossoff loss titled, Democrats Seethe After Georgia Loss: ‘Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump’,”, the New York Whines solomly starts…

A demoralizing special-election defeat has left some Democrats questioning the leadership and political strategy of Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

If Democrats are just now beginning to question the leadership of Nancy Pelosi… Fuck’em. I’m not sparing their feelings. Democrats should have figured it out long ago, Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. When that vodka soaked ignoramus speaks extemporaneously, the listener is bound to go through 7 levels of hell in idiocy. I swear to god, I’ve seen this bitch bark, and people clapped.