PJ Media: It’s Time for a Thoroughgoing Revamping of the Intelligence Community | Faster, Please!

The intelligence community is out of control…. time to reign it in.

Among the urgent tasks we must quickly undertake, few are so urgent as a thoroughgoing revamping of the intelligence community. At the moment, it isn’t very impressive in either of the two main activities with which it’s entrusted: spying on our enemies and supporting our friends. You can see this easily enough. The Israelis, not the CIA et al., made off with the Iranians’ secret nuclear plans. So much for effective espionage. And there are two very closely linked enemies, Iran and Venezuela, that should be prime targets for subversion, but we don’t seem to be making good progress.

On the other hand, the intelligence community seems to do well, or at least try harder, at subverting our own political order, as we’ve learned over the recent past.

Or maybe not. Although the attempted subversion of Trump and associates produced the downfall of Lt. General Michael Flynn, the centerpiece of the intel operation—the Mueller show investigation—came up empty-handed, and the top levels of the FBI and CIA now face inquiries from Attorney General Barr, Justice Department Inspector General Horowitz, and the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut. Some of our top spooks have been fired.

Source: It’s Time for a Thoroughgoing Revamping of the Intelligence Community | Faster, Please!

Venezuela: You Can Thank Democrats For This Fiasco

As things spin out of control in Venezuela, don’t forget you can thank Democrats for helping to create this fiasco.

Betty Blanco refused to vote in Venezuela’s elections on Sunday because she said she loves her country too much.

The 77-year-old Caracas resident boycotted the controversial vote for a new constitutional assembly — a body that would vastly expand the powers of the country’s ruling Socialist Party —”out of love for my country and for respect to my grandchild, because I don’t want to leave him a mess of a country,” calling the elections a “complete fraud.”

Source: Venezuela: Government, Opposition Clash Over Turnout Numbers in Controversial Elections – NBC News

All through out the 2000’s, even after it was painfully aware what was transpiring in Venezuela, left wing democrat after another gave this dictatorship in the making both political and financial support.

Jimmy Carter repeatedly asserted the elections were free and fair, even when opposition groups, with boot on the ground demonstrated it was. Joseph Kennedy II was buying oil from the nascent dictatorship as a thumb in the eye to the American right who had warned of what was transpiring. Democrats in the media made regular pilgrimages to Caracas to show their “solidarity.”

The Democratic Party is the Evil Party.